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First a link to my club.

Some of my boomerangs

27/04/1998 My very first boomerang.
(yes I know it's the same paint as on the recumbents .....)

If you know a nice name let me know !!

Using my computer I made a second design and have two versions of this one (the hole in the middle might be a little too large (it starts breaking already a bit)).

If you want the CorelDraw .cdr file click here (merely 3K zipped).
(it's a CorelDraw version 4 cdr and you need to resize it before printing).
Any modification copying or whatever is allowed (hey I am just a newbee on boomeranging..).

21/05/1998 Hmmm Now I tried to make a boomerang that looks nice (it even flies great too I discovered today).

26/05/1998 With my first tournament coming up soon I decided I needed a "Long Distance" boomerang.
The Yellow one is a big success (Tim likes it too). It's a "Big Al Hook" made out of 5mm pespex.

02/06/1998 Guess what happened ..... I hardly beleive it myself but ....

03/06/1998 I learned so much during the tournament. Also that I needed some more modern boomerangs.
I wasn't aware in the beginning, but it turned out I was in the group together with the Eurpean Champion Fridolin Frost.
On the picture you see him catching my boomerang (superb technique don't you think ??).

09/06/1998 Here's my new series of competition rangs. The Australian round rang is really performing so well.
These are for MTA, Endurance, Australian round Fast catch and trick catch (including the insider for doubling).
A rang for accuracy is still missing right now. And a new Long Distance rang is coming up soon.

17/06/1998 These are the boomerangs I made for the tournament coming up.

15/07/1998 I discovered the Dutch record on juggling is within reach of my capabilities so I designed a juggling boomerang. It really flies better than any other rang I know. From now on I'll use this one for Trick Catch instead of my 2mm paxolin Moebius. If you print the plan as best fit, on some printers it might just be the right size.

29/07/1998 I made 2 new designs for an Endurance boomerang.

30/07/1998 Well we have some lousy weather outhere so I keep making new designs. This one isn't tested yet (storm and rain) but it sure looks fast. Anybody ever tried using wax T-shirt printer paper to paint a boomerang ??
well it almost worked
31/07/1998 When the wax gets fluid it's hard to keep the paper on it's place on a smooth shaped surface. For the rest it works fine (it's even hard to remove it again with sandpaper). And we had some nice weather inbetween the showers. "Glove Eater" seems an appropriate name for the rang. It's mighty fast and gets back within 3 seconds, but it's coming in way too fast (it cut the band of my watch when I just missed it (it's not a joke)). I drilled 3 6mm holes (well they were in the plan already :-) and made 3 carving outs underneath. Let's hope I get another chance to try it tomorrow (and now I even have an excuse to try it a little longer :-). btw, I made it out of 4mm Finish birch and used an airfoil similar to the Icerunner II. It's faster than my Icerunner now, but lets see what will happen after the modifications (and I haven't measured it to reach the 20 mtrs yet, though it looks as if it's quite close).
10/08/1998 Today I made myself a Snake MTA. Couldn't resist to paint it, lets hope it didn't got too heavy and it will not bite when trying to catch it.

22/08/1998 Ready for the next competition day. This is what I'll bring to the field (or what fits in my bag I should say :-).

25/09/1998 It's been a while since I added some pictures here, but I couldn't find the camera for a while. I've lost some beautifull boomerangs since then of which I couldn't even take a picture (one of them a perfect Pathfinder, nicely tuned by Peter Duerr (thanks again Peter)). But well, it's part of the sport I guess (spending 3 hours in the mud trying to find it without succes). So here's my new weaponery for the Long Distance event in Haguenau. Chronologically (and top down on the picture): 118% Far I used in Kiel (80 mtrs), Mega Quirl Pathfinder, Ola Snake Tail experiment, Weighted (95 gr) Far standard size, Mega Quirl Pathfinder, Buzz Whip, Buzz Finder (another experiment, a pathfinder at Buzz Whip size arm 2 shorter and smaller arm 1 a little longer and smaller, 18mm Lead in arm 1). All boomerangs except the 118% far (paxolin), and the snake tail (GFK) are made of Kevlar/Epoxy. Target for the tournament: Breaking the Dutch record Long Distance (101,66 mtrs by Johan Klaassebos). Most of these boomerangs are capable to reach the 100 mtrs. If I only get them all tuned in time properly :-). If anybody reading this knows a field large enough to practice Long Distance not too far away from Amsterdam or Utrecht, pls let me know.

30/09/1998 Wow, I got addicted to this boomerang. So here's the plan. Beware, you need a very large field to try it (at least a square 500 meters).

09/11/1998 Wanna see me throwing it ??? Be patient.
Throwing it !!
And yes, that person in red and blue on the background is Manuel Schutz himself.
15/04/1999 It has been a while, but I've made another picture again. I made me a new PathBuzzer. In Tentlingen I established a new Dutch record with it. This one I made for Herman Peeters who is hunting for the Belgian record. Another Buzzard, a 50-meter Fuzzy for Reg, a young talent in the club and another snake. I make 88% snakes for MTA nowadays. Personal best in training sofar: 45 seconds. Last result in a tournament 0 secs, well it was nasty cold out there in Switserland.

Well, the last time I put a picture of a boomerang together with Tim my son on the Internet I got very succesfull. So here's a second try. Tim with my newly made Windeater I (a Volker Behrens design btw). They forecasted stormy weather so I thought I had to be quick in making another WE. I lost my original in the water during a demonstration with windforces up to 6 beaufort last Friday. Funny detail is that suddenly they speak about calm winds for the coming weekend :-)

Well a new season has come up. So let's try to keep these pages a little better up to date. I made a picture of my minimal set of boomerangs to bring to a competition or tournament. I had to make this selection because I'll have to take the booms with me in a plane as handluggage soon. Other throwers recommended not to transport them as normal luggage (they are worth their weight in gold is how Lorenz described it).